About Us

Van-Aid was founded on March 1st 2022 by Steve Marsh and Ady Thewliss, after the terrible events in Ukraine unfolded and it was clear that rapid, targeted aid was needed to support the people living there. Millions have fled and many millions remain, with their infrastructure and supply lines destroyed. 

Initially, members of the core team brought together their expertise as the mission grew. Van-Aid trialled sending trucks alongside the vans delivering humanitarian aid, and it soon became apparent that van runs were more effective. We can rapidly respond to aid requirements and get directly to places that larger vehicles cannot. The ethos was born and developed into the organisation you see now.

We also have a range of volunteers working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure Van-Aid can continue to send convoys of vans to the places they are needed the most. They choose to use their skills and time to support this incredible work, across Social Media, Logistics, Driver Support and outreach. 

Van-Aid is a non-profit organisation, part of the global effort to help our Ukrainian neighbours. In the time we have been operating, we have far exceeded any expectations. As a team, Van-Aid has flourished and we can set ourselves targets like aiming for the '200 club' - completing 200 van runs carrying vital humanitarian aid.

As the war in Ukraine rages on, and the plight of the Ukrainian people starts to dim in the general public's mind, we are still here and committing to help those who need us more than ever.

Please visit the Drivers page if you can support us as a driver, hit Donations to help fund our volunteers, or go to the Collections page if you have a community or organisation collection of items you need help delivering.

Or select 'Contact Us' below if you have a general query, we would love to hear from you!